Digital Transformation in Social Care

CareTeam provides a patient centric care management platform and addresses care fragmentation by providing secure data sharing and messaging tools. CareTeam integrates with intelligent at-home sensors which can help inform and manage care provision. By better integrating different care stakeholders with the patient’s own care network we help address the current care crisis.

CareTeam offers a broad range of services for social care and health agencies including transport services, telecare integration, community resources signposting and data informed care assessments. These services are built to integrate directly with CareTeam community. CareTeam professional focuses on streamlining compliance, workflow and promotion of digital transformation in domiciliary care.

Careteam uses AI, sensors and social messaging to provide integrated care at home.

Just a few years ago neighbour could see if something was amiss with a neighbour by looking at milk left on a doorstep.  Today, interactions are digital and Careteam helps integrate community and state provided care, with AI and the internet allowing connections to be made over hundreds of miles.


  • Secure sharing and messaging
  • Patient centric records
  • Analytics from raw data
  • AI techniques to identify anomalies – what is normal and what is an alert situation
  • Interoperable sensor integration
  • Data informed care assessments
  • Preventing loneliness and social isolation

Developed as an easy to use mobile application, CareTeam is designed for the family and loved one to integrate with caring professionals to keep them safe in their own home.


CareTeam transport brings getting around the town all together, by integrating public, private and volunteer transport options.

There are a number of ways to get from A to B and Careteam transport brings them all together in real time, with maps, information and an opportunity to match people with transport needs to the right services. It enables people to choose from a range of providers from friends and family to volunteer services, public transport and private providers to help them get about more easily.

It allows allows informal and formal volunteers transport providers to offer services and manage their provision via a central hub.


CareTeam Analytics is invaluable to decision makers in uncovering the detail in the data to make best use of public funds and channel resources to the right area.

This tool allows budget holders to analyse situations and prioritise and allocate future resources.  Data sets can be highly sensitive, but only by combining data can we understand citizen flow across the care system.  Using statistical techniques, neural networks and Baysian technology, costs, trends and impacts can be evaluated.


Easy access to relevant information is fundamental to enable people, to make the best choices about their care.

CareTeam Directory allows local authorities to provide information and advice relating to care and support for adults directly in the app.  Bringing together all the data sources from charities, councils, NHS, private providers and public spirited events, the app allows quick discovery of what is going on and is distilled to be relevant to the user.



Delayed transfer of care is very costly to the NHS and often people can’t be discharged without family or friends to help with care.  Careteam helps to ensure that hospital notes are kept in one place and shared and accessed by all who are involved in care.  It facilitates a link between the hospital, the patient, the care providers, the doctors and the community to support the patient in their own home.  It helps to involve family who are separated by distance to remotely check on well being and be involved in managing care.  This is an end to end package to help discharge patients with confidence using a combination of community and assisted care packages.


Careteam integrates with a broad spectrum of domestic sensors. The solution works over any device, and the suite of sensors most commonly used ensure privacy and are discrete, respecting the need for unobtrusive sensors in a home environment.  The Careteam app can be used with sensors so that loved ones can remotely check on well being and receive alerts generated from the AI engine.  The clever thing about this technology is that these AI techniques learn what is normal for the person being cared about, and constantly adapt to alert only when evidence implies intervention is needed.  High false positives in traditional telecare can create a ‘cry wolf’ problem.  However, if you miss a key event, someone’s health could be at risk. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps sort the two apart.  Also all contact information is easily shared in the CareTeam app to allow a quick call to a neighbour to check all is OK.

Careteam can also be integrated with traditional telecare provision. It doesn’t replace the existing support providers, but allows it to be complemented with family and friends who can receive alerts and acts as an additional response option.


This allows formal workflow between volunteer and professional carers and the patient’s primary care (GP) to ensure salient information is communicated clearly and efficiently.